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About Feverishcoin

Feverishcoin is a class one standard based CPA affiliate networks to make best our affiliates because they earn more commission on their traffic.

Our Offers
  • Pay Per Sale
  • Pay Per Lead
  • Rev Share

  • For Affiliate Marketers

    You will discover that the “Feverishcoin” Affiliate Program is an excellent way to add value to your traffic, while earning more revenue. You can receive up to $7 per free member, $55 per sale, or Revenue share commissions with the affiliate program. You can unlock the earning power of your traffic source and start earning $ TODAY ! It’s simple, easy and FREE to register.

    • Email Marketing
    • SMS Marketing
    • Banner/Display Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing


Increase your profits with Feverishcoin

We choose our publishers very carefully but once approved Feverishcoin provides complete on-line advertising end-to-end solutions to web publishers.

You'll be working closely with a personal and dedicated account manager who will evaluate your site and your business history and design high quality advertising content from our large selection of leading advertisers. You will be provided with logins to our advanced technology for tracking the revenue and optimization.

The benefits of becoming a Feverishcoin affiliate.

Publisher satisfaction - Our ability to leverage offer payouts and terms for quality affiliates comes from our dedication to delivering the highest quality traffic. We work behind the scenes from the very second that you open and account to ensure that you are constantly moving forward in your selected vertical, negotiating and increasing payouts and special payment terms are just some of the ways that we work to help you succeed.

Customer service - We take pride in our work and ability to focus on your needs. Our team is dedicated to 1st call resolution no matter what your request may be.

Direct advertiser relationships - Feverishcoin is not just another "run of the mill" network. We work very hard to obtain direct agreements with all of our advertisers because we know that it benefits our publishers tenfold. We aren't just another network sharing as many offers as possible.

Personnel - A network is only as good as the clients and staff. Our staff is comprised of many years of internet marketing experience and we are dedicated to giving you the most personalized service possible. We are available, friendly, and willing to assist you in any way.

Highest payout - The network manages and provides only the highest paying, highest converting offers. No time wasted trying to determine which offers pay and convert well.

Bi-Weekly - Bi-Weekly payments are available at Feverishcoin, For our best affiliates, we offer a variety of much faster payment plans - many receive bi-weekly payments. We like to pay, and we love to pay fast.


In times when traffic is no longer an issue we believe each advertiser deserves to reach its ideal public. Whether you are looking to develop brand awareness, generate new leads or increase sales. We will make it work for you!! We mix innovating technology, human insight and professional experience to locate a specific audience on over 50 channels, and to target and optimize a perfected approach.Now all that is left for you to do is to simply join us and you'll gain access to high quality inventory on top-tier publisher sites worldwide.

Avertisers Benefits
  • Flexible pricing models
  • Extensive global reach & quality traffic
  • Advanced targeting solution
  • Advanced optimization technologies & methodologies
  • Dedicated account management team
  • Increased ROI and sales


1. How often will Feverishcoin.com pay my commissions?

WEEKLY . Feverishcoin.com has quick affiliates payouts system, we pay every sunday. Pay Period runs every 7 days. Thursday to Thursday. Paid out 7 days later on Sunday.

2. How do I choose a payment method?

You can update your account information by logging in with your email address, click on "My Account" top Billing. Click on "Add Billing Details" Select Payment Method to choose a new payment method "Info Required" We offer payments by Wire transfer,Bkash,Nagad,Rocket.transfers are only available in the BD.

3. How often to Statistics update?

Sales update every 15-20 minutes. Feverishcoin.com network operates on (UTC-05:00)Estern Time (Us and Canada) timezone.

4. I forgot my username/password, what do I do?

You can retrieve your password here https://portal.feverishcoin.com/password-recovery You can also change your password/user by contacting your Account Manager or email [email protected] Be sure to include your full name, the e-mail address used to create your account.

5. Can I send traffic from more than one site with 1 Affiliate ID?

You can send traffic from as many sites as you wish with 1 Affiliate ID. Please make sure to provide us with the urls that you will be sending traffic from.

6. How can I refer other webmasters and make money?

Feverishcoin.com offers generous broker commissions for referring other webmasters. We are happy to make custom deals, contact your Account Manager for more information. The link to refer other webmaters is: https://portal.feverishcoin.com/register?ref=29

7. Who should I contact if I have payment questions, problems, or need help?

Contact your Account Manager. Your Account Manager is happy to help you make the most money possible with Feverishcoin.com. You can see contact [email protected] for information.

8. How can I refer other webmasters and make money?

Feverishcoin.com offers generous broker commissions for referring other webmasters. We are happy to make custom deals, contact your Account Manager for more information. The link to refer other webmaters is: Feverishcoin.com/signup/?r=YOURAFFILIATEIDHERE

9. What kind of pixel is supported?

Feverishcoin does not accept image pixels. Postback URL only.We have a dedicated parameters for affiliate link aff_sub3 for click ID and aff_sub1 for affiliate ID (for affiliate networks). e.g your_tracking_link?offer_id=xx&url_id=xx&aff_sub1=For_AffiliateID&aff_sub3=For_clickID

10. Can I get paid for clicks and/or impressions?

No. Feverishcoin is a performance-based network, only paying for qualified acquisitions (SOI,DOI, CPL, PPL, PPS) generated as a result of promotion. Therefore, we do not pay affiliates for clicks and/or impressions.

11. What is the Minimum payment?

Minimum payment is $50.00. If you opt for a 'wire' payment, the minimum wire payment is US $250.00. Be sure to review the cost of fees for the method you have chosen.

12. Is there a payment hold for new affiliates?

Yes, there is a 1 week payment hold for all new affiliates.

13. What kind of traffic is not allowed?

Incentivised Traffic is not allowed. Paying people to register for programs, asking your friends to join for the sole intention of making money via PPL program, asking friends on Social Media sites to "please join this free program" for the sole purpose of earning commissions, knowing that they will never become paying members, is not allowed and this traffic will not be paid and account terminated.

14. What if the sign up is fake?

If any fake sign up No payment will be made to that affiliate and his account will be deactivated.


Payment Methods

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